Virtual Credit Cards: How to use them

virtual credit cards

Virtual credit cards help consumers make secure online purchases. Using a virtual credit card can protect your credit card number and account information online. This simple blog explores what they are, how to use them for online shopping and subscriptions, and how to get a virtual credit card.

What is a Virtual Credit Card?

A virtual credit card is a temporary or secure credit card number that can be used to pay for most online purchases. Because the credit card is entirely digital, there is no physical card.

it’s designed to protect your privacy and personal information while online. Simply generate a disposable credit card number, expiration date, and security code to prevent your actual account number from being stolen during a breach or being overcharged on subscription-based services.

Why Use a Virtual Card?

One of the many benefits of a virtual card is that it can help keep your personal details and your money secure when shopping online. However, this is not the only reason why you should use them.

There are many other advantages that virtual cards offer. Here are some

1. Convenience

The minute you apply for an account you instantly get your card details to start making online purchases. You don’t need to wait for 3-5 working days to receive the card in the post.

2. Safe and Secure

Using a virtual card for online transactions is that it ensures safer online purchases. Due to such cards being virtual, it is very difficult to duplicate them, neither is there any physical item to be stolen.

Additionally, most virtual cards are issued by trusted card providers such as Mastercard, which ensures that they go through the same fraud and security checks as a physical card would through its provider.

3. Easy Subscription Management

It can be a challenge to manage subscriptions online. Over 3 million people in the UK lose on average £300 a year from forgotten subscriptions. Monitoring what you are precisely charged for and when the free trial switches to a costly auto-renewal can be tricky to monitor.

There is also a significant risk of experiencing data breaches with subscriptions. The good news is, that virtual cards can address these issues. Managing all subscriptions online can be done with virtual cards.

The ScribePay virtual card is just one card and gives you all the control you need for subscription management. You can set spending limits per subscription, automatically set up recurring payments the moment you subscribe, and stop all unwanted subscriptions with two clicks.


Manage your subscriptions from one app.

Say goodbye to forgotten missed trials, missed payments and unwanted charges.

subscription management

Manage your subscriptions from one app.

Say goodbye to forgotten missed trials, missed payments and unwanted charges.

How do Virtual Credit Cards work?

A Virtual card is exactly like a traditional card but the only difference is it’s virtual. It has all the key features of a physical card, including the 16-digit number, a CVV2, and expiry date.

There are two forms of virtual cards.

  • There is the single-use virtual card (also known as a disposable virtual card) and,
  • The standard virtual card that is accessed every time you want to make online transactions.

The single-use virtual card solution generates a unique 16-digit card number, CVV2, and expiry date every time you want to make a purchase. Once the purchase is complete the card is disposed and can no longer be used.

The standard virtual card is issued once and accessed via a mobile. This 16-digit card number does not change and can be used multiple times for online transactions

The ScribePay Instant Virtual Card: How to Use It

The Scribepay Instant virtual card is incredibly easy to use. That’s because it works in exactly the same way as your regular bank card that’s issued by Mastercard, Amex and Visa.

As soon as you upgrade to premium, you’ll see your virtual card in the app – simply tap the card to release- and you are ready to go. With any online payment or subscription, enter the 16-digit card number as normal, along with the expiry and CVV number.

Our virtual card is different from most as we built it for online payments and subscriptions. The minute the card is used to make an online subscription we automatically track- free trials, 30 days, 90 days or even 1 year. When the subscription payment is due, we send you a reminder ensuring you never get charged for unwanted subscriptions.

How Do I Get a Virtual Card?

To get a ScribePay virtual card, simply install the app available on Android or Apple stores. Upgrade to premium. As part of the application, we ask simple questions- there are no credit checks and you are guaranteed approval.

Help us save you hundreds of pounds every year in unwanted subscription payments

Download the ScribePay app on iOS or Android and join people from all over the UK that have taken control of their subscriptions.