Use a Virtual Card for Free Subscription Trials

Start a Free Trial using ScribePay Virtual Card Without Disclosing Your Personal Banking Information.
How often do you sign up for a free trial, enter your credit card information, and then forget about it? The next thing you know, you’ve been charged for a service you never used and have completely forgotten that you applied for it! When you look through your transactions, you notice a subscription to that new streaming service, or the VPN service you forgot existed. If you’re not a billionaire, those extra £20, £80, or £100 can add up quickly, and even if you were, why would you pay for something you’d never use?

People all over the world are familiar with this scenario. To avoid wasting money, use a virtual card instead of your bank card when signing up for a free trial or any subscription. Setting reminders on free trials is all well and good, but the merchants may take money before the due date or may make it difficult for you to cancel a subscription. ScribePay has created a new and convenient way to pay, save money and time- the ScribePay app is powered with a Virtual card card that you can use for free subscription trials and an e-money wallet to store your subscription money. However, it does not stop there, we have an engine that is monitoring for unwanted charges you have not approved.

What is a Virtual Card?

A Virtual card is exactly like a physical card but the only difference is it’s virtual. It has all the key features of a physical card, including the 16-digit number, a CVV2, and expiry date.

Virtual debit or credit cards are accessed only through mobile phones and can only be used for online transactions.

There are two forms of virtual cards.

  • There is the single-use virtual card (also known as a disposable virtual card) and,
  • The standard virtual card that is accessed every time you want to make online transactions.

The single-use virtual card solution generates a unique 16-digit card number, CVV2, and expiry date every time you want to make a purchase. Once the purchase is complete the card is disposed of and can no longer be used.

The standard virtual card is issued once and accessed via a mobile. This 16-digit card number does not change and can be used multiple times for online transactions


Manage your subscriptions from one app.

Say goodbye to forgotten missed trials, missed payments and unwanted charges.

subscription management

Manage your subscriptions from one app.

Say goodbye to forgotten missed trials, missed payments and unwanted charges.

How to use ScribePay virtual card for free trials

Here’s how to use the ScribePay Virtual Card and App.

  • Head to ScribePay App available on Apple and Android
  • Download the app and get started
  • Enter your email address, create a password, and then check your email to verify your account.
  • Upgrade to premium and instantly get your virtual card and e-money wallet

As part of ScribePay Premium, you’ll need to enter your name, address, phone number, and payment card to take your first membership fee. That might seem unnerving, but it’s necessary as we are now providing you with a financial product and need money to keep up with the innovation.

After providing those details, you will instantly get your virtual card and dedicated e-money wallet. You can top up your wallet using FasterPayment. You get a dedicated account number and sort code, so any money you transfer is guaranteed to enter your account.

Control streaming service using ScribePay virtual card and ap

Once you’ve spotted a subscription, simply tap on the card in the app to release and copy and paste the card number, expiration date, and CVV2 number into your free trial checkout form, and leave worries about unwanted payments to us. We will send you notifications a few days before the free trial is due to change to a paid trial. If you forget, when the merchant attempts to charge you, we will notify you to approve or decline in real-time.

Is it safe to use ScribePay Virtual Card for a free trial?

With ScribePay, there is one virtual card and app for all your subscriptions and online payments. When you pay for a subscription, we automatically track the subscription. In the app, you have the option to add a description to the subscription and set the amount you are willing to pay on a monthly basis. This is your rule, and we will never deviate from this rule except if you update this within the app.

  • How long is the trial is for
  • limit amount after the subscription (its ok if you say £0)
  • Track and you all done
Virtual card with free trial

So, what other free trials can you use the ScribePay Virtual card for?

 ScribePay allows you to sign up for free trials for services you always wanted. Here is a list is subscriptions with free trials:

Is the ScribePay Virtual card only for free trials?

Thousand of Subscriptions

ScribePay is not just for free trials, you can use this for online payments and regular-priced services. Paying with your standard card can expose you to unwanted payments. Using a ScribePay virtual card will detect payments before they hit your account. This is evident with the example below where Amazon Music premium subscription was blocked, instantly saving £9.99 per month

As of this writing, for instance, the times is offering a 50% discount for up to a year on this digital subscription for £12 per month and we expect more deals as we approach black Friday in November and Christmas. For each service that’s offering a discount, simply tap on the virtual card in the app to release and copy and paste the card number, expiration date, and CVV2 number into the payment form, and leave worries of forgetting and unwanted payments to us.

ScribePay creates ONE virtual card that you can use for subscriptions and online payments. We don’t need to create multiple virtual cards as you get all the same controls with one virtual card. For the Virtual card, e-money wallet, and controls we charge a membership fee of £4.99 per month, plus some extra cash back on eligible subscription services.

Help us save you hundreds of pounds every year in unwanted subscription payments

Download the ScribePay app on iOS or Android and join people from all over the UK that have taken control of their subscriptions.