Protect your cash with our subscription tracker

Unwanted subscriptions cost people in the UK £300 a year or more. We solve the problem with an app that prevents unwanted subscriptions and makes cancellation effortless.

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Stay in control of all your subscriptions

Put a stop to digital subscriptions dipping into your bank account. The app makes it easy to manage subscriptions, to cancel at the end of free trials, and to approve or decline auto-renewals.

Avoid hidden charges and unexpected fees

Sidestep sneaky subscription traps and dodge surprise price hikes by having full visibility of all your subscriptions, all the time. No more scrolling through bank statements trying to find out where your cash went.

Alerts to keep you informed

ScribePay lets you know about recurring payments, subscriptions status and if low funds might mean you miss a subscription renewal. Real-time alerts make it easy to manage your subscription costs on the go.

Stay on top of your monthly bills

Budgeting tools within the app show you how much you’re spending on subscriptions every month. Annual charges are averaged over the year, allowing you to see what you’re paying on all your subscriptions monthly.

Manage subscriptions with a virtual payment card

The app gives you a digital payment card. You top it up and use it for your subscriptions. The app tracks signups, payments and cancellations in real time. The virtual card is available instantly, with no credit checks, and approval is guaranteed.

Stress-free subscription management from your phone

Sign up, add subscriptions, approve payments or make cancellations, all from your phone. The app is more than a subscription tracker, it’s a total solution subscription manager. It makes it easy to cancel unwanted subscriptions instantly.

Fast and secure with safeguards built in

Instant notification of an unwanted payment on your account gives you the chance to approve or decline it in real-time. The ScribePay virtual card gives you a way to make any online purchases, including subscriptions. We’re committed to protecting your money.

Say goodbye to unexpected payment and shock fees with the easy to use ScribePay subscription manager app.

Download the ScribePay app on iOS or Android and join people from all over the UK that have taken control of their subscriptions.