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What is tails.com?

Tails.com was started in 2013 by a small group of people who wanted to make a veterinarian’s dream a reality. With so many pet food brands competing for our attention on supermarket shelves, how can a dog owner possible know which one is best for their companion?

A group of professionals, including doctors, nutritionists, and engineers (and their dogs, of course), collaborated to produce unique recipes for each dog – really, really. Everything is taken into account, from taste preferences to allergies, age and weight; tails.com returns control to the owner, with no obscure substances or jargon in sight. Each recipe is composed of nearly a million possible permutations, and tails.com has happily delivered millions of dinners.





What do you get with tails.com Subscription?

Food as unique as your dog

With tails.com it’s easy to get your dog’s food just right. Just tell them about your dog and they’ll create a unique recipe of food just for them. Do they prefer chicken or fish? Grain or no grain? Choose the health benefits you’d like to see too – like a glossier coat, improved digestion, joint care and more. Their algorithm uses every detail to create their unique recipe – the right blend of fibre, protein, fats and nutrients, with no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

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Plans & Costs

How much does tails.com Subscription cost?

Tails.com memberships vary according on your dog’s size, however the typical pricing range for dry food is £13.51 for toy dogs and £56.92 for gigantic dogs. After you’ve added your extras, like as wet food, snacks, and chews, you’ll be given a monthly total that you may change at any time.

Tails.com vs supermarket dog food

Dry food: £32.37 Dry food: £31.99
Wet food: £26.35 Wet food: £60 (£2 per tray)
Dental Dailies: £7.96 Dental chews: £4.75
Biscuits: £5.20 Biscuits: £2.50
Dog waste bags: £2 Dog waste bags: £1
Tails.com total: £73.88 Supermarket total: £100.24

As you can see from this comparison, with tails.com you save about £30 each month. Furthermore, you know that the food is suited to your dog, which may not always be the case with supermarket bought food.


Final Thoughts

We enjoy their dog food alternatives for pet parents, with both kibble and wet food options pleasing over 19,000 other dog owners.

They supply a bespoke scooper to guarantee proper portioning, as well as excellent customer support if you want more guidance or assistance.

If you decide to try Tails, you won’t go far wrong.

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