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What is Readly?

For a monthly charge, subscribers to Readly digital newspaper and magazine subscription service can access content from over 800 outside publishers both through a browser and a mobile app.

On Readly’s platform, there were a whopping 5000 titles and growing. The 30 various categories in the Readly catalogue are lifestyle, luxury, photography, travel, weddings, hobbies, gaming, family, and parenting. Other categories include fashion and beauty, science and technology, health and wellness, celebrity and entertainment, and lifestyle and luxury.

A few of Readly’s features include article search, which directs users to pertinent articles, and Readly Exclusives, which are publications available exclusively through Readly. Through the Readly Articles feature, curated information is also accessible. Selected in-depth reports and interviews are offered in a mobile format.



What do you get with Readly ?

If you still enjoy print magazines, Readly makes it incredibly simple to access all of your favourites in one digital location for a reasonable price. The benefit of this platform is that you don’t have to subscribe to each magazine separately; instead, you pay a single subscription and gain access to every single title accessible on Readly from across the world… which now numbers about 6,000!

It’s easy to find new magazines to read. While Readly will suggest books based on what you’ve already read, the search option is incredibly rapid and filters only the precise category you’ve searched for, so there are no mix-ups. Whether you’re using Readly on a PC, tablet, or phone, the user interface is straightforward and smooth, with no noticeable delays while turning pages.

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Plans & Costs

How much does Readly Subscription Cost?

Call this the Spotify of magazine.

A simple plan of £9.99 per month. As a Scribepay customer enjoy 2 months free using your Virtual card to pay.

Final Thoughts

Readly is far less expensive than subscribing to individual print issues of publications. A subscription will cost £9.99 per month. That monthly fee grants you access to approximately 6,000 publication in various languages, as well as a few newspapers from various nations.

Importantly, Readly provides a free trial period of 30 days. Exclusive to ScribePay customers you can enjoy 2 months free. So if you are looking to subscribe, even free trials use the ScribePay Virtual card and never worry about unwanted payments, auto-renewals or price increases.


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