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What is Namecheap?

Namecheap is a popular domain registrar, where you can find and purchase any dot-com or other name for your website. But Namecheap is much more than just domains. The firm offers a diverse selection of the top web hosting service options, catering to everyone from bargain-hunting first-timers to discerning corporate customers.

Namecheap’s own CDN (content delivery network), a technology that speeds up your website for visitors all around the world, is a recent addition. The firm even offers a low-cost VPN service that allows you to view regional content from other countries while using public Wi-Fi.



What do you get with Namecheap Subscription?

Namecheap provides a variety of web hosting services that give users the resources they need to host their website, such as server space, bandwidth, and technical assistance. You may select your desired service based on your website’s needs and budget, such as:

Shared hosting: is a form of web hosting in which numerous websites are hosted on the same physical server.

WordPress hosting:  Include a simple installation, SSL certificates, and automated updates.

Reseller hosting: Enable users to offer hosting plans under their own brand name to consumers, with the option to white label Namecheap’s hosting services.

VPS hosting services: Include dedicated resources as well as full root access. The solution is totally configurable, allowing customers to select their operating system (Ubuntu, CentOS, or Debian), get root access to the server, and choose whether or not to install the control panel (cPanel).

Dedicated hosting services: provide users total control over their server, including dedicated resources and a choice of operating system.

Email hosting: Give users a business email address that matches their domain name, as well as secure webmail access and spam protection.

Plans & Costs

How much does Namecheap Subscription cost?

Depends on which product or feature you select.
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99 cent domains

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.COM Domains



Get a .COM
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Domain & Hosting bundles

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EasyWP Yearly plans


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Get EasyWP
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Private Email

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Get Private Email
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FastVPN (Web Security)

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Final Thoughts

Namecheap is ideal if you want to purchase a large number of domain names at a low cost or if you just want to get the greatest price on domain registration.

Keep in mind that you will need to renew your domain registration on a regular basis. This is true for whatever registrar you select, and Namecheap provides some of the industry’s finest renewal rates.

Namecheap is great if you want to get a domain name and hosting all in one place at a low cost. There are several hosting alternatives available.

However, Namecheap’s hosting lacks the strength and features seen in the top of the competition, but it might be a solid value option for first-timers with simple sites or businesses that can benefit from its more powerful dedicated hosting options.

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