Honest Mobile


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What is Honest Mobile?

Honest Mobile is thee sim-only mobile network, built for people and the planet.

Honest was born out of frustration from mobile networks not doing right by their members and by the planet.

UK’s first carbon-negative network. That means they double offset the carbon footprint associated with user’s phones. This includes everything from manufacturing, to charging and using data.

They donate 1% of members’ bills to reforestation projects.

They reward their member’s loyalty with a reduced bill every month up to 30% off their original bill. No price hikes.

They tell their members when they should switch plan and save money through smart notifications.



What do you get with Honest Mobile?

  • They piggyback off Three’s network so you wont have issues when it comes to network connection
  • They have 4GB, 10GB and Unlimited plans available
  • Rolling 30 day plans and 12 month plans
  • Free EU roaming
  • Unrestricted hotspot
  • Easy number transfer and flexible plans

Plans & Costs

Different plans on Honest Mobile

30 days Rolling plans

Unlimited 10GB 4GB
£25.00 (per month) £17.50 £13.50

12 month rolling plans

Unlimited 10GB 4GB
£22.50 (per month) £15.75 £12.15

Final Thoughts

Is Honest Mobile worth it?

Here’s some interesting statistic for you: The technology industry accounts for 3.7% of total greenhouse gas emissions, a proportion that is predicted to quadruple by 2025. According to their estimates, “by 2040, communication technology will account for 14% of the global environmental footprint.”
Honest Mobile has made active measures to help its users become more aware of their carbon footprint. They are doing this by;

  • CO2 emissions are being offset and captured by investments in afforestation, biochar, and direct air capture.
  • Tracking the carbon footprint of your phone so you can see the good effect you’re having
  • As part of their aim to plant one million trees, they will donate 1% of your bill to reforestation programmes.

Beyond their environmental friendly credentials, they are actually one of the few that give you a competitive Mobile plan without being tied into a mobile contract. Plus, all you need to order your sim is an email address and payment details and your are all set.

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