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Disney Plus


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Disney Plus (Disney+) is the online streaming home for Disney, Marvel, Pixar, Star Wars, National Geographic, Hulu, Star and much more. Its main draw is members get exclusive access to all Disney-owned content libraries that can’t be accessed anywhere, from The Simpsons to the Avengers, that have a loyal fan base.


• Disney movies (i.e.Beauty and the beast, and Moana)
• Pixar movies and shows (i.e. Toy Story, Incredibles, and recent hits Turning Red)
• Marvel Movies (i.e. Deadpool, Ironman, and the amazing spiderman)
• Star Wars Movies
• National Geographic movies (i.e. The last ice, Man vs. Animal, and The secret of the Titanic)
• Star Movies and Series
• Hulu (i.e. The Kardashians)

Plans & Costs

Disney+ currently costs £7.99 a month in the UK.

An annual subscription costs £79.90, saving you 16% over the year.

Disney does not currently offer a 30-day free trial; when you subscribe, you pay £7.99 a month.

Students currently get a 15% discount on a Disney Plus subscription.

If you need to upgrade your phone, O2 offers Disney + subscription free for 6 months * and then £5.99.

Final Thoughts

Disney+ undoubtedly offers its members lots of original and new content that can’t be accessed anywhere else. But whether or not it’s worth it will depend on whether you need and use the wide range of content included in its subscription.

If you only use Disney+ for Marvel Movies, you’ll need to watch the content several times a month for the Disney+ subscription fee to cover the amount you’d have otherwise spent on a one-off cinema ticket.
If you use Disney+ as a family to watch the variety it offers, this could alone be worth the Disney+ subscription fee.

Disney+ doesn’t have the same number of quality shows as Netflix targeting the older demographic and people without kids. Disney+ is generally considered fair value for money, but it really depends on how much you use the services that it provides. The usage and the value of content are high with families that have kids aged 2-17.

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