Asda Mobile


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What is Asda Mobile?

Asda Mobile is as simple as they come. Its monthly SIM-only options offer flexibility, convenience, and good value.

Furthermore, all SIMs have 5G support as well as unlimited roaming in 36 European countries.

It’s a wonderful option if you already have a phone and want a basic and economical SIM plan with unlimited calls and texts and a reasonable quantity of internet.

Asda Mobile solely offers monthly SIM-only deals and no phone commitments.

Asda Mobile allows you to purchase a handset, although there is little reason to do so. Check out big networks such as Three, EE, and Vodafone for greater offers on included phone contracts.


What do you get with Asda mobile?

  • Monthly bundles with no commitments or credit checks
  • Unlimited data
  • Roaming like you are home
  • Wi-fi calling
  • keep track of your mobile phone bill and no surprise charges

Plans & Costs

Different Sim only plans with Asda Mobile

Price Data Minutes Texts 4G/5G Data Speed Cap
£4 NA Unltd Unltd N/A N/A
£5 3GB Unltd Unltd 4G No Cap
£7 5GB Unltd Unltd 4G No Cap
£10 10GB Unltd Unltd 5G 150 MBPS Download
£15 18GB Unltd Unltd 5G 150 MBPS Download
£20 30GB Unltd Unltd 5G 150 MBPS Download
£20 Unltd Unltd Unltd 5G 2 MBPS Download
£25 50GB Unltd Unltd 5G 150 MBPS Download
£25 Unltd Unltd Unltd 5G 10 MBPS Download
£30 Unltd Unltd Unltd 5G 150 MBPS Download

Final Thoughts

Asda Mobile keeps things brief and straightforward. You are not bound by any contracts, and you are not required to consider variables such as data rollover or free streaming. Instead, Asda Mobile takes a straightforward approach: unlimited texts and calls throughout the UK, as well as a generous amount of data, in a monthly package that you can cancel or alter at any time.

Asda Mobile will fit most casual customers who are searching for a simple SIM-only plan that won’t break the bank for the price you pay.

Because of its low pay as you go prices, it’s also a smart alternative if you don’t use your phone much.

If you are looking to transfer or port your old mobile there may be challenges as this seems to be most of the complaints received by this provider.

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