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The Amazon Kids+ subscription offers books, movies, and TV shows for your kids aged 3 to 12 years. You can access this content from the Amazon Kids+ app on your compatible Android / iOS devices. Content is also available on Amazon devices registered to the account.


In additional to all the game and books, parental controls let you personalise screen time limits, set educational goals, and manage web browsing easily from the device or Amazon Parent Dashboard. Parents can also manage content and review activity from the same dashboard. Discussion Cards allow you to learn more about those titles and gives guidance on conversation starters about the content your kids enjoy.

Plans & Costs

Non Prime Members

Monthly plan- £6.99 (after free trial)

Annual Plan- £68.00

Prime Members

Monthly price £3.99 .

Annual Price £38 per year (Best Value)



Final Thoughts

It’s ok. Its not perfect but can be a great subscription to keep the kids playing games and reading books for a few minutes a day or when travelling.

The Parental controls are good to set time limits without having a few tears at home when it goes off. You also dont need to worry about ads or inappropriate games.

Few things to be cautious about:

  • The more games or books you download, the more storage required.
  • After a while, it can become a little slow to response.
  • Also, after a certain age, your kids may be more interested in other devices so make sure you are not paying for a service your kids no longer use.

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