A redesigned ScribePay, built for all things subscriptions

A few updates to help make managing subscriptions a lot easier

By the team at ScribePay

A redesigned ScribePay, built for all things subscriptions

Subscriptions are here to stay. We understand that you may amass services that you no longer require. Payment deadlines for multiple subscriptions are frequently overlooked. Be a victim of improper billing practises such as auto-renewals and unexpected price increases, which result in unanticipated costs. We’re thrilled to announce the debut of a new ScribePay tier that will help you save time, money, and stress when managing subscriptions and other recurring payments.

Today, we’re unveiling a significant redesign of ScribePay. Because of its better structure and more user-friendly layout, you will be able to track and control all subscriptions and recurring payments more rapidly.

A snapshot of the game-changing modifications we’ve implemented:

  • Say hello to ScribePay Plus, a new product option for subscriptions and recurring payments.
  • App experience has been enhanced: You can easily add your subscriptions. Choose from our large choice of services or create your own!
  • ScribePay “More”– Because it took us longer than intended to create our marketplace, we’re giving you extra!

A single place to track all subscriptions

Let us begin with what will not change before moving on to what will. You’ll still be able to see all of your subscriptions in one place, receive notifications that put you in control, keep prices under control, and see precisely how much money you’re spending each month. It should look familiar to how you now use ScribePay, and it is a place where you can centralise all of your subscriptions and recurring payments.

Introducing ScribePay Plus

At the heart of ScribePay’s new product tier, we are committed to assisting you in saving time and stress, as well as identifying and avoiding unwanted payments. All recurring payments (including direct debits) can be managed. Designed to give you greater control over where your money goes. And, because notifications are associated with each subscription, you can choose whether to continue or stop a subscription, avoiding surprise expenditures.


£0 /year



*Equivalent to £1.25 per month. Billed yearly. 



*Equivalent to £4.99 per month. Billed monthly. 

Only UK residents can apply and electronic verification required 

What you get with ScribePay Plus

  • Unlimited tracking of subscriptions and recurring payments. 
  • Add descriptions to your subscriptions to differentiate between personal, family, or business
  • With so many subscriptions in different currencies, you can now track and rely on our daily currency converter to budget accurately
  • Access to exclusive offers with huge discounts. For example- FiiT: 25% off a home workout membership and much more. 
  • Priority in-app chat support- Tell us what you need and we aim to deliver

Improved app experience

The purpose of ScribePay has always been to make subscription management simple, and we’ve created this experience with that in mind. We’ve made over 20 enhancements to our platform in the last three months alone, and we’re always putting new features in the hands of our customers. This new foundation will allow ScribePay to bring you many more advancements in the next months and years.

Beginning today:

  • Your subscriptions will be simple to add to ScribePay. Choose from our large choice of services or create your own! Each subscription will be labelled with a logo to make it easy to identify. If it’s a new subscription and the logo isn’t in our database, we’ll do our best to update it within 10 working days.
  • You’ll be happy to know that we’ve replaced ‘Marketplace’ with ‘More’ for our plus and premium customers. In the More section, you can now discover more about your account, access up to 60% off discounts, gain insights on how to save money on undesired subscriptions, view invoices and statements to see exactly how much you’re paying, and much more.

Features (explore more in the app)

Other notable changes and fixes

  • Manual info modal pop up for manually tracked subscriptions
  • Subscription price set for £0.99 as used to default to £0.98
  • No more missing notification – every notification will be brought to your attention 
  • Update automatically tracked subscriptions with calendar view (i.e. you can now select the date instead of just frequency) 
  • Improved error handling during document upload 
  • Improved alerts when moving money out of the ScribePay wallet. 
  • In app pop up reviews, making it easy for you to tell us how we are doing

*More functionality differs slightly for free and paid users. Please make sure you update your app to the latest version for best experience

Frequently asked questions

Anyone can apply for ScribePay Plus. There is no eligibility criteria. If you think you are going to track more than 5 subscriptions or recurring payments you can start with plus and also access subscription savings worth over £1,000 instantly. 

If you already have over 5 tracked subscriptions for free, you will now need to upgrade to plus to manage these subscriptions. This only cost £14.99 a year/£1.25 a month. Plus you now get access to offers worth £1,000 in savings,  and improved app experience.  

ScribePay plus is a simple app to manually track and manage your subscriptions- unlimited. On this, we 100% rely on the information you provide. Based on this information, we will notify you when subscriptions are due to take the necessary actions with your bank or subscription provider. In addition, you get access to exclusive offers to start savings instantly. So, keep using your bank card or credit cards to pay and rely on ScribePay to put you in control. 

ScribePay premium automates subscriptions management. We issue you a UK digital wallet to hold all your subscription money and a prepaid virtual Mastercard to pay for subscription. All subscriptions are automatically tracked using the information that comes from the transaction data. You approve and decline subscription payments and set the rules, never falling into subscription traps and having total control of your subscriptions. Our users save on average £4,000 a year from unwanted subscriptions and countless hrs in time saved. In addition, you get access to exclusive offers worth £1,000 in savings. 

All the best- ScribePay Team