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ScribePay is for start-ups, freelancers, and small businesses- empowering you to save money and time by taking control of your Saas subscriptions

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Small businesses and freelancers lose up to £2,000 a year or more on subscription traps

The second you start a business you subscribe for services from domain registration to productivity tools.

Ever forgotten to cancel a free trial or been billed for a service you no longer use?

It can be hard—and costly—to keep track of subscription renewals and payments.

save money on streaming services

Meet ScribePay, the subscriptions management app for freelancers and small businesses

No credit check required. Approval guaranteed.

ScribePay works with any digital subscription or SaaS service that accepts Mastercard®

Manage subscriptions from one app

Gain complete visibility over what you’re subscribed to, and how much you’re spending and when you’re due to pay. Use exclusive Virtual Card to pay merchants and control limits in real-time. 

Control your money in real time

Get total control over your subscriptions with ScribePay. Be reminded when payments are due and decide in real-time whether funds leave your account with one click. No more surprise charges!

Instant virtual card and UK E-money account

Fee-free faster payment transfers of up to £300. Start spending immediately.  Use it to pay for domain registration or company registration. 

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I love my digital bank but one thing I’ve always struggled with has been tracking all the subscriptions I use, both personally and for business. I use free trials to keep costs down and it’s annoying when I forget to unsubscribe before billing. ScribePay has been invaluable for me as it blocks me from paying for anything I’ve forgotten about.

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Paul Kowalczy
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Join other businesses and startups around the UK saving up to £2,000 a year on forgotten and unwanted subscription charges

No credit check. Guaranteed approval.

Help us save you Thousands of pounds every year in unwanted subscription payments

Download the ScribePay app on iOS or Android and join people from all over the UK that have taken control of their subscriptions.