40+ Tips to Save Money Fast (UK)

how to save money fast in the uk

Whether you’re on a tight budget or have a specific savings goal, our selected list of money-saving suggestions is here to assist.

Remember that this advice can only help you improve your financials within what you earn. Instead of focusing solely on saving, it will be arguably more important to also work on earning more money as well.

Without further ado, let’s dive right into it…

The 40+ tips to save money fast in the UK

Eat healthier

For many this may sound like it could cost more. However, there are multiple money-saving benefits to eating healthier:

  1. You don’t spend money on often expensive junk foods
  2. You will be cooking at home almost exclusively
  3. You will eat foods that naturally satiate you, as opposed to foods that keep you hungry
  4. You will save on future treatment and maintenance of illnesses

What constitutes eating healthy is a completely different post, but sufficed to say it will be buying a variety of whole foods from the supermarket and cooking at home, removing processed and artificial ingredients along the way. We’ve put this tip first because it’s the most powerful and important tip to save money fast.

Shop for better offers at lesser-known brands

To save money fast in the UK, Lidl and Aldi often provide cheaper fresh and perishable items than M&S and Sainsbury’s, as well as discounts on all other goods.

Make sensible substitutions

When it comes to supermarket own brands, they are frequently manufactured by the same company as branded items. So you can save several pounds for each purchase.

Join loyalty programmes

By joining the loyalty programme at your local supermarket and receive points, discounts, and special deals that will help you save money faster.

Buy in bulk

Occasionally buying bulk can result in volume discounts. But make sure you do your maths… sometimes these bulk deals are actually more expensive! Costco is a good place to get bulk discounts.

Find and use vouchers and discounts before purchases

Coupons and vouchers are an excellent way to save money quickly in the UK on your weekly shopping. Put the voucher in your wallet or take a screenshot of it as soon as you can so that you don’t lose it.

Have a good look through discount sections

Checking the discounted section of your grocery store for basics is a terrific method to avoid food waste and lower your grocery price. Sometimes you can find amazing deals on items with scuffing or minimal breakage.

Share subscription services between friends and family

You can lower your monthly subscription outgoings in half by getting your friends and family to share their subscriptions with you. It can be an ego hit at the beginning but once you all get rolling, you’ll see the benefits.

Take back control of your subscription services and Save up to £300 a year on your subscriptions services, check out the ScribePay app.

Stick to your shopping list

By being organised and purchasing only what you need to prepare meals for the week, you’ll avoid temptations to buy things that fall outside of your budget that week.

Stop shopping while you are hungry

Sounds a bit silly, but it really has been shown to make a difference. Shopping on an empty stomach and without a list is one of the worst things you can do. You’ll have less discipline and clarity on not only your budget but your overall diet!

Make your own food

In 2015, Londoners spent an average of over £6.00 per day on lunch, which equates to over £2,000 per year. In 2022 with massive inflation and a food and energy crisis, this figure will certainly have risen considerably. However, if you decide to prepare your own lunch, you could spend £20 or less a week.

You can also make your own other stuff… What about your own vegetables if you can? Your own home cleaning products? Your own clothes if you have the skills. It’s all up to you.

Cut back on your booze

Drinking can incredibly expensive, with the typical night out in the United Kingdom costing over £60. If you partied every weekend of the year, you might have saved nearly £3,120. This is one of the best ways to quickly save money.

Stop smoking

Smoking can also carry massive costs. In the UK, a pack of cigarettes costs around £10 on average. If you smoke one pack each day, you will spend over £3,000 per year. Save money fast in the UK by not smoking: in five years you would save over £15,000. Again, another very effective way to quickly save money. We’re sorry if you’re not already a smoker.

Limit social events unless they’re out in nature or at homes

Spending time at home or outside of establishments with friends and family can really help you save money fast in the UK, with one-off charges for movie tickets, coffees, snacks and restaurants adding up quickly.

Utilise cash-back firms

Cash-back businesses, whether you’re purchasing a refrigerator or comparing insurance options, can work well to save money in the UK quickly. The cash-back provider earns commissions for purchases you make through their website which they will subsequently give back to you. It may take time to get started, but you may end up with a substantial sum of cash returned.

Find a better mobile phone deal

If you’ve been with the same network provider for any long period of time, it can help to get in touch and figure out what they can offer you. Most of the time—and especially if you’re almost ready to renew your contract—they’ll have offers to keep you as a happy customer.


Manage your subscriptions from one app.

Say goodbye to forgotten missed trials, missed payments and unwanted charges.

subscription management

Manage your subscriptions from one app.

Say goodbye to forgotten missed trials, missed payments and unwanted charges.

Use a pre-owned clothes app

Rather than purchasing a totally new outfit, you can shop more sustainably (and for much less) by signing up for app like Depop and Vinted.

Cancel subscriptions you don’t absolutely need

Have a look through your last few bank statements and find any recurring payments that you don’t want to make anymore. It’s that simple. Cancel subscriptions through the app, on your laptop or by contacting the service provider. Sometimes canceling can be difficult (purposefully), so check out our ScribePay app to easily manage and pay or decline charges for subscription services.

Use our ScribePay app to fully manage all your subscriptions from one place, and understand exactly how much you’re spending every month among other incredible money-saving features.

Organise your clothing

Getting your wardrobe in order can lead to the discovery of forgotten outfits and clothes. It might also give you a bunch of items to sell, boosting your bank balance momentarily.

Go full-minimalist

Minimalism is a way of live for many. It not only frees up space or fast savings, but also mental and emotional energy to focus on less things. From clothes to plants, sell whatever you think you can live without. eBay, Facebook Marketplace and Vestaire Collective are all places to put your items up for quick sales.

Share clothing with relatives and friends

Perhaps better (or not) than renting, maybe you can borrow clothing from similar-sized friends or family. Does that sound weird? Well, it can drastically reduce costs. So maybe give it a shot.

Donate your clothes

Numerous establishments provide cash in exchange for clothing depending on the weight, which is excellent if you’ve got a bunch of denim and bulky winter clothes items to get rid of.

Shop second hand

Donation shops are an excellent way to purchase clothing and household goods. In addition to being extremely inexpensive, you can sometimes find absolute gems there that are both recent and antique. If you’re into vintage fashion, these could be your new best thing.

Rent attire for special events

Rather than buying a new dress or suit for special event you attend, renting will probably work out to be a lot cheaper. Obviously this depends on the amount of events you’ll attend.

Free or inexpensive parking app

There are a few parking apps in the UK that help save money fast by locating the best possible parking on that day in that location. This works especially well for those living or working in built-up, expensive areas but it also adds up over time if you’re religious with it.

Instead of staying in overpriced hotels, consider Airbnb, hostels or couch surfing

After the COVID quarantines, people have been itching to get back out and experience the world. This carries big costs now that the travel industry is trying to recover from a huge hit during that time and with rising fuel and other costs taking place right now.

Many times the better hotels over great discounts to get business rolling again, but for regular hotels they’re comparable and sometimes even not on par with similarly or lower-priced Airbnb apartments or rooms. Hostels now offer interesting options when it comes to cheaper travel and there’s always the couch surfing route if you’re particularly adventurous.

Sign up for hotel and travel newsletters

If you prefer five-star accommodations, the only option to save money is to sign up for hotel emails and hope for a cancellation or discount coupon. Additionally, collecting hotel points and air miles will save you money.

Check to see whether nearby tourist sites offer “locals pricing”

Numerous tourist destinations offer discounted prices to residents of a certain catchment area or who share the same postal code. Contact a local attraction to find out how you may save money on your next excursion.

Bicycle instead than driving

Less pollution. More enjoyable (arguably). Better for your fitness and health. And sexier if your partner/crush is into cyclists.

Benefit from trial periods and don’t forget to cancel…

We’ve all heard of the strategy of sending several emails to take advantage of enticing offers; trial periods employ a similar strategy. However, you are frequently prompted to enter your credit card information when signing up, so be sure to cancel prior to being charged.

Use the ScribePay app to take control of your subscriptions and never pay for another forgotten trial period again.

Comparison shop for the service providers that make the most sense

It’s easy to get stuck in convenient or existing plans because it’s less to think about. But shifting your service to a more affordable one with better features or cover is often just a case of a few online searches and phone calls. Would you spend an hour searching for a solution that would give you savings to the tune of £300 or more over the course of the year?

Before any home upgrades, check for support from the government

There may be a government grant that gives you some more wiggle room with your home upgrades. Visit the government Green Homes Grant Scheme to find out.

Seen something you want to buy? Sleep on it

Things are purchased on emotion. We all know this—just think of the last time you bought something and immediately or soon thereafter you regretted it. Sometimes all it takes is to give it another day. I personally visit sites and load up the cart with products I want, only to leave and then come back and do it again the next week. I’m weird like that, but it’s a kind of retail therapy that doesn’t cost anything. Go figure.

Comparison shop for your insurance

Price comparison websites really work, whether it’s for utilities, technology or services. In fact, we’re launching our subscriptions services directory where you’ll be able to compare streaming services, business apps, and other monthly subscription services against one another. Stay tuned!

Spend less money and more creativity when giving gifts

When it comes to gifts, birthdays and special events can quickly empty your cash account. Instead of thinking that splashing out is going to wow your friends, family and colleagues, try something creative and genuine from the heart. It’s okay to not buy expensive things!

Charge interest on late payments

If you are self-employed or a freelancer, pursuing unpaid bills can be annoying. Try making late fees subject to interest from irresponsible clients. Your clients will be more likely to pay you on time.

Remortgage in order to avoid “loyalty” fines

Numerous banks and mortgage lenders impose a ‘loyalty penalty’ on individuals who remain with the same arrangement after their fixed term expires, making it imperative to search for a lower offer depending on the term.

Implement a no-spend day

Things are too easy to buy these days and the culture has intensified our impulsiveness. If you practise a rigorous no-spending day once every week, you could save money fast.

Be strategic while purchasing online

When shopping online, pick and leave products in your shopping cart for at least 48 hours. The store will likely email you with a voucher to seal the deal.

Rent out your extra room

Got some rooms free? Perhaps you can get a bed in there and some essentials and put them up on Airbnb. There’s a lot of demand for low-cost accommodation right now, especially in major cities and tourist hotspots. Even garden areas can be repurposed to have on-location private rooms, although that’s less of a “save money fast strategy”.

Remove your cards from Google and Apple Pay

Convenience can come at a cost. Google Pay, Apple Pay and other contactless technologies are tricking people into making more emotional purchases. There’s a period of time when you get out your card to the point of pressing the pay button that you have to reconsider. With these methods, that’s gone out of the window. Delete the connections from the platforms and do it the old-fashioned way, preferably after sleeping on it.

Turn off the plug when you’re not using equipment

Being thrifty around the house can save money fast. Even basic measures, such as turning off appliances at the wall when they are not in use, can help reduce energy costs.

Put some more clothes in winter

Reach for a sweater and you’ll be thankful when the bill arrives.

Use fans instead of air conditioning in summer

Air conditioning uses a lot more electricity than fans, so if you can bear it, do it.

Take colder showers and baths in summer

During the warmer months of the year, save money by choosing a cold shower or bath of hot ones. Not only will this save money, but it apparently helps you in many areas of your physical and mental/emotional well-being.

Make projections on your savings

All the sacrifices you make on a daily or weekly basis add up. But in the moment they can often cause resistance, resentment and frustration. By mapping out the savings you could make, it can work to motivate and enthuse, and keep you on track to succeed to save money fast.

A reminder that we recommend working on also increasing your income at the same time as making smart adjustments to your expenses to increase your quality of life.

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