How to keep your money safe from Fraudsters

Fraudsters are getting increasingly inventive with the ways they steal credit card and personal information. Everybody has seen those phoney delivery text messages or dubious-looking websites that request personal or credit card information. Once they have your information, Fraudsters have been known to pose as banks. Once they have your trust, they may try to pressure you into making a transfer or asking for your authorisation numbers. A Fraudster might gain access to your money if you disclose your card information and code to them. Here are some tips on how to protect your money and card details from fraudsters.

Tips to protect your money and card details

  • Only log into your ScribePay account through the ScribePay mobile app.
  • We will never call you about your account without contacting you via the in app chat
  • Use the ScribePay Virtual card for all your online payments and subscriptions, especially if you have never heard about the retailer. The ScribePay Virtual card is the safest card as when you are not using it, it’s in a vault that only you can open with your Biometrics. This means if anyone steals your card details as part of a breach your money is safe as only you can access the vault.
  • We only communicate via the in-app chat. So if you receive an SMS message from any person or business please it is not from us. If in doubt, send a message to the in-app chat team to verify.

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