Say goodbye to unwanted subscription payments

Get even more control with ScribePay Premium.

ScribePay premium

Avoid subscription traps with ScribePay's approve and decline features

Stop paying for apps and services you no longer use, and feel the difference for yourself.

Manage everything from one dashboard

Get your free e-money account in just 5 minutes and manage your subscription money from your phone. There are no fees to transfer money into your account* and start spending immediately.

Instant prepaid virtual Mastercard​

Your premium account has an exclusive prepaid virtual card to pay for all your online subscriptions and payments. Quickly Stop unwanted Autorenewals or price increases without leaving your main bank card.

Fee-free transfer of up to £300pm*​

Add money instantly to your Scribepay wallet through the UK faster payment network, with no fee. All you need is your dedicated UK sort code and account number in the app to transfer money. Don’t want to leave the app? Add money via card at an additional premium.

Automatically track subscriptions​

Stopping unwanted subscriptions is a no-brainer with premium. Every time you enter your 16-digit virtual card number and CVV2 to subscribe to a service, we know (even if it is a free trial). A magical, little way to make your money grow over time is by not paying for services you may not want after the trial ends.

Real-time authorisation​

The first payment app that alerts you when your free trial is about to end and gives you the power to Approve or decline auto-renewals in real-time. Secured by encryption, ensure only you can authorise any online payments or subscriptions.

Pause/cancel subscriptions​

Stop unwanted subscription charges with 2 clicks.

Stay safe with your secure virtual card

Manage subscriptions

Use a dedicated virtual card for all your recurring subscriptions and quickly stop unwanted auto-renewals or price increases without ditching your main bank card.

Stay in complete control

You can instantly lock—and unlock—your virtual card from your phone at any time to prevent fraud and unwanted subscriptions. Our platform uses strong encryption to keep peace of mind.

Get instant access

Why wait 3-5 working days to receive your card in the post? Start using your virtual card instantly in the app. All you need to do is update the payment details with merchants, and you are good to go.

Instant push notifications

Get instant notifications when an unwanted payment is made on your account. Approve or decline the payment in real-time through encryption.

3D Secure, the right way

Receive a one-time password in the app for extra security against fraud and protection against online purchases. Learn more

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Our customers love ScribePay

"Thought through"

This app is simply thought through. If you don't want to keep all your subscriptions in mind, this app might be helpful!

"Great product for subscriptions"

Sign up process is very simple. I upgraded to premium and instantly received the app's bank account details and virtual card. I just transferred a few of my subscriptions to this card, and it worked!

"Amazing concept"

It's a truly fantastic concept and a lifeline for me as I have disabilities. A major issue is money management, so to ring-fence the money into a particular account like this to ensure card payments are paid and can be easily stopped is genuinely amazing.

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