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Enhanced Features that give you more control

Manage all your subscriptions securely within the ScribePay app.

Secure e-money wallet

Your ScribePay wallet is your e-money bank account. It allows you to detach your subscription payments from your personal or business bank accounts, making it more secure. There are no fees to transfer money into your wallet* and you can start spending immediately..

Prepaid virtual Mastercard

Your premium ScribePay account unlocks an exclusive virtual card that you can confidently use to pay for your subscriptions. A virtual card is more secure than a physical card since there’s less risk of fraud and identity theft.

Fee-free transfer up to £300 per month*

Add money to your Scribepay wallet instantly via the UK Faster Payments Service (FPS).  Top-ups from your bank account are fee-free up to £300 per month. Set up direct debits from your bank account for easy transfers. Top-ups using other methods may incur a fee..

Automatically track subscriptions​

All subscriptions (including free trials) made via your virtual card are automatically tracked within ScribePay. So you’ll never need to enter the details of your subscriptions again!

Real-time management

Your subscriptions will be updated the moment you approve or decline a renewal using the ScribePay app. We don’t recommend waiting until the last minute to cancel a subscription, but with ScribePay, you can!

One-click cancellations

When it’s time to cancel a subscription, it can be a real headache to trawl through menus and settings. So we’ve made it easy. With ScribePay, you can stop unwanted subscriptions with a click.

Stay safe with your secure virtual card

Unlinked to your bank account

Because your virtual card isn’t linked to your main bank account, you’re less vulnerable to fraud and identity theft.

Locked within your phone

You can instantly lock—and unlock—your virtual card from your phone at any time to prevent fraud and unwanted subscriptions. Our platform uses strong encryption to keep peace of mind.

Force stop payments

If you ever need to force stop a payment – e.g., if you have a dispute with a provider – you can do so in a click, without having to cancel your card.

Simplified spend tracking

Since all your subscriptions will be on one card, there’s less chance of subscriptions getting lost amongst your bank statements.

Two-factor authentication

We’ll send you a one-time password to enter into the app when you start using your virtual card, adding another layer of protection against fraud.

Pick your plan

We're making subscriptions work for everyone, so we have different plans for different needs.


£0 per month

Go Premium

£4.99 per month*

Our customers love ScribePay

"Thought through"

This app is simply thought through. If you don't want to keep all your subscriptions in mind, this app might be helpful!

"Great product for subscriptions"

The signup process was very simple. I upgraded to Premium and instantly received the app's e-money account details and virtual card. I just transferred a few of my subscriptions to this card, and it worked!

"A lifeline for me"

It's a truly fantastic concept and a lifeline for me as I have disabilities. A major issue I have is money management. So to ring-fence the money into a particular account like this, ensuring card payments are paid and can be easily stopped is genuinely amazing.

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Frequently asked questions

ScribePay is not a bank but a financial technology company founded on the premise that subscription payments and management should be stress-free. We want our members to have the freedom to trial new subscription services and leave the anxieties of auto-renewals, price increases, and cancellations to us.

We partner with leading card issuing and e-money providers to offer our members the best financial products. This enables us to innovate and serve customers that aren’t well served by traditional banks when it comes to digital subscriptions and Saas Subscriptions. 


The funds in e-money accounts are stored and protected. With an e-money account, your money is never invested or loaned out and is safeguarded in accounts that keep your money separate from the money we use to run ScribePay. As your funds are safeguarded, FSCS (Financial Services Compensation Scheme) protection does not apply.

ScribePay free is an easy to use subscription management app and budgeting tool. Simply pick from our extensive list of services or add your own! Then relax, knowing they’re being monitored.We’ll notify you ahead of time if any of your subscriptions are due to go up in price or come up for renewal. We’ll even let you know when a free trial is about to end.

ScribePay premium automates the process. Manage all your subscriptions securely within the ScribePay app. Access your secure e-money wallet to hold all your subscription money and exclusive virtual card to pay for digital subscription and Saas subscriptions. All subscriptions are automatically tracked. You get timely notifications and  stay informed about upcoming payments and the end of free trial periods, allowing you to make decisions in advance and avoid unexpected charges.The app empowers you to  have control over your finances by allowing you to approve or decline payments before they are deducted, helping manage cash flow effectively.

If you ever need to force stop a payment – e.g., if you have a dispute with a provider – you can do so in a click, without having to cancel your card.

It’s really easy! Just download the ScribePay app on either iOS or Android. You can start tracking manually for free and when ready upgrade to premium from the app. 

Add money to your Scribepay wallet instantly via the UK Faster Payments Service (FPS). Top-ups from your bank account are fee-free up to £300 per month. If you are time-strapped, simply set up a direct debit to transfer money each month. 

Top-ups using other methods may incur a fee.

Important: Your ScribePay wallet should be funded by you. Third-party payments are not permitted. Your account may be frozen and funds returned to the source with a £25 chargeback processing administration fee for each return.


You can simply downgrade in the app. If you have any questions you can always reach out to our in-app chat team for support. 

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