TypeScribePay FreeScribePay PlusPremium**
Monthly Subscription£0£1.25*£4.99

*Scribepay plus is charged £14.99 per year (equivalent to £1.25 per month). Access unlimited subscription tracking and offers up to 60% off

**Not available to customers aged 15-17.

*** The prepaid monthly price will be deducted from your registered ScribePay card or account at the time of creation. The monthly price is paid on the calendar day corresponding to the time of creation.

Your ScribePay wallet should be funded by you. Third-party payments are not permitted. Your account may be frozen and funds returned to the source with a £25 chargeback processing administration fee for each return.

Virtual Card Limits

Limit TypeLimit
Minimum Load Value£10
Maximum Single Load Value£1,000
Maximum load value per week (7 day rolling)£2,000
Maximum Load Value per month (30 day rolling)£10,000
Maximum Total Balance£5,000
Maximum Annual Load Limit£15,000
Max Number of POS transactions allowed ( per day- 24 hours rolling)10
Max Number of POS transactions allowed (per 4 days- 96 hours)20
Max Value of POS transactions allowed (per day- 24 hours rolling)£250
Max Value POS transactions allowed (per 4 days-96 hours rolling)£1,000

Virtual Card Fees

ItemsFees (GBP)
Card Issuing FeeFree
Card Lost/Stolen replacement£2.00
Foreign Exchange charge 3%
Card Load by Debit Card3%
Card Load by Bank Transfer*2%
Account Closure Balance Return Redemption Fee)3%
Payment Out£1.00
Transfer Funds Between ScribePay AccountsFree

* Card load by bank transfer is free for the first £300 within a calendar month. This charge of 2% applies to loads above the £300 threshold. 

To ensure you have funds every month to manage your subscriptions, you can set up a standing order from your bank. If the ScribePay Premium fee is missed, you will be charged a £1.00 inactivity fee per month until you downgrade your account or the balance in your wallet is cleared. 

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