Why Does ScribePay Block Accounts?


Blocking and closing accounts is an important part of what ScribePay must do as a Fintech to help combat financial crime.

Every Fintech has an important role to play in the fight against fraud, and ScribePay is no different. Although we are not yet a fully- regulated bank, it’s our moral responsibility to ensure our customers use the account in the right way.

ScribePay regularly conducts routine checks on our customer accounts to detect suspicious activity or misuse of accounts, which allow us to monitor and flag suspicious activity or misuse where it may exist. 

ScribePay is required by our partners to report any suspicious activity we find. This is because we are providing this service using their licence and they are governed by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), which outlines clear requirements for all banks or E-money institutions to report all potentially fraudulent or criminal activity. 


Sometimes, our findings may require us to block accounts. Our teams will always strive to minimise any disruption while following the processes required of us. Unfortunately, during this period, our customer service teams can’t share any information on the account in question. While it is understandably frustrating, this legal requirement has a practical reason – to prevent cybercriminals from being tipped off on the nature of the investigation while law enforcement officials do their work, and to stop fraudsters from using this information to evade detection in future. 

We don’t always get it right. On occasion, we may wrongly identify a legitimate customer as a potential fraudster, as the evidence found by our specialised teams may not be absolutely clear. Sometimes, we may require more information to make a fuller assessment and will reach out to request this via the in-app chat or email from hey@scribepayments.co.uk.

As online fraud is constantly evolving, ScribePay is continuing to invest even more in our efforts to fight online Fraud. To minimise any disruptions please use the account as stated in our terms and conditions. We typically frown against:

  • Payments that are not subscriptions
  • Subscriptions to betting or gaming services;
  • Subscriptions to dating or escort services;
  • Subscriptions to weight loss services;
  • Subscriptions to political organisations;
  • Subscriptions to charitable organisations; or
  • any illegal purposes.

We are on a mission to prevent £1 bn that is lost annually from unwanted subscriptions. We have the same passion for preventing any fraudulent activities on our accounts.


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Manage your subscriptions from one app.

Say goodbye to forgotten missed trials, missed payments and unwanted charges.

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