Switch to ScribePay without closing your bank account

Subscription management service ScribePay allows you to track, pay, and manage all your subscriptions without closing your old bank account. You do not need to close your bank account to use ScribePay, infact, ScribePay integrates with your bank account to give you the best of both worlds. Our app provides an easy, straightforward, and transparent […]

Control Subscriptions with Real Time Payment Alerts.

A core feature of our product is our real-time payment alert that helps you control your money. Have you ever looked at your statement and wondered what that payment was for? You are not alone, millions of consumers question transactions every day. What if you could approve every online transaction and not rely on the […]

5 Money Saving Tips


In the current cost of living crisis, you need to manage your money smartly. Here are some simple money-saving tips to get you started- Try paying off your most costly debt first, cancel unwanted subscriptions you don’t need or are not aware you are paying for, don’t miss out on entitled benefits, turn off water […]

3D Secure Payments and Subscriptions

At ScribePay, security is a priority and your account comes with a number of features to keep your money safe—in our intuitive and easy-to-use app. The way to make online card payments has changed due to an EU regulation called PSD2. Here’s what you need to know, what to expect, and how we take this […]