Virtual Credit Cards: How to use them

virtual credit cards

Virtual credit cards help consumers make secure online purchases. Using a virtual credit card can protect your credit card number and account information online. This simple blog explores what they are, how to use them for online shopping and subscriptions, and how to get a virtual credit card. What is a Virtual Credit Card? A […]

Building a better way to manage your subscriptions

In March 2022 we launched our Beta app. Here’s a preview of what makes it different. Building a better way to manage your subscriptions started over twelve years ago, when I was part of the original team that built the first virtual card that was used to help businesses track and reconcile hotel expenses at […]

Can These Four Subscription Services Help Save You Money?

Subscription services have become part of our daily lives from food, clothes, music, the movies we watch, and soon the cars we drive. Subscription services are designed to give individuals access to goods or services they would not outrightly be able to afford. However, do you really save money with subscription services and is it […]

Credit, Debit and Prepaid Card: What’s the Difference?

debit credit and prepaid cards

People often misuse the term “credit card”. While Credit, Debit, and Prepaid cards have a lot in common they are all different. Here is a simple guide and how to choose the right card.  Credit Cards What Is a Credit Card? A credit card is an unsecured line of credit issued by the bank to […]

Why Does ScribePay Block Accounts?


Blocking and closing accounts is an important part of what ScribePay must do as a Fintech to help combat financial crime. Every Fintech has an important role to play in the fight against fraud, and ScribePay is no different. Although we are not yet a fully- regulated bank, it’s our moral responsibility to ensure our […]

Amazon Hikes Prime Subscription in the UK from September

Amazon Hikes subscription fee

Amazon is set to increase the price of Prime subscription from £7.99 to £8.99 a month- this is a 12.5% or £1 a month increase for all consumers in the UK. The annual Prime subscription, which includes unlimited deliveries, access to its video streaming service and much more will increase by more than 20% or […]