Netflix launch new subscription for £4.99

Netflix Streaming service

Netflix, a leading global streaming service, said today (October 13) that it will start a new, more affordable subscription plan for just £4.99 per month. Before we go into this new price plan, it is important to understand more about the company and why it has decided to offer a new subscription plan with adverts. […]

Challenges with the Chargeback process

You’ve probably looked at your bank statement and spotted a payment you don’t recognise. The first thing most people do is initiate a chargeback from their bank. This process is not easy and can be very lengthy. If you are considering making an online payment or paying for a subscription, using the ScribePay Virtual card […]

McAfee Subscription Renewal Email Scam

McAfee Subscription Scam

Have you received an email from Mcafee informing you that your subscription is about to expire; It could be a scam. You may also have received an email informing you that a certain amount will be deducted from your bank account today or claims that the transaction has already taken place with instructions for you […]

5 Apps to Keep Your Budget on Track

Budget saving app

Using an app might be able to help you maintain your finances in an easier, more convenient way. Here are 5 apps you can try that will help keep track of your budget. Plum Key Features: Every few days, the Plum app predicts how much you can save by analysing the spending activity in your […]

A month of Disney Plus for £1.99

Disney Plus Day 2022 has arrived, and the streaming service’s annual global celebration includes a slew of new releases, previews, teases, and goodies for Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar, and other Disney trademarks. And, just like last year, a fantastic Disney Plus Day deal is available: a month of Disney Plus for £1.99 until the 19th […]

Many consumers underestimate monthly subscriptions by at least $100, a survey finds

Multiple Subscriptions

From streaming to beauty boxes to food, there are many monthly subscription services available — and recent research suggests that you may be paying for more than you realise. In the US, more than half (54%) of consumers underestimated their monthly spending on subscriptions by at least $100, according to a survey by market research firm C+R Research. […]

Cancelling Amazon Prime Subscription-is now easier

Amazon has simplified the process of cancelling your Amazon Prime Subscription by removing a step and updating the wording on its website. We’ll go over what’s changed and how to cancel if you want to. How has Amazon Prime made cancelling your subscription easier? Prior to the changes, cancelling your Amazon Prime membership could be […]

Paramount Plus Streaming Service UK Review

In this article we cover what the Paramount Plus streaming service (UK) is, what you get, how much it costs (as well as any extra cost), and overall if it is worth it. What is Paramount Plus? Video streaming services provider Paramount plus is owned by Paramount Global. The streaming service library is mainly from […]

How to get Disney plus free trial

disney plus free trial

Disney Plus is the online streaming home for Disney, Marvel, Pixar, Star Wars, National Geographic, Hulu, Star and much more. Members access a wide range of content included in their subscriptions. Continue reading to find out how to try out Disney Plus services for free with ScribePay, and without losing any money! Does Disney plus […]

How to Cancel Birchbox Subscription

cancel birchbox subscription

Birchbox is a New York City-based online monthly subscription service that sends its subscribers a box of four to five selected samples of makeup, or other beauty-related products. The products include skincare items, perfumes, organic-based products, and various other cosmetics. Source: Wikipedia Birchbox subscriptions can only be cancelled via their website. To cancel your subscription, […]