PlayStation Plus Subscription guide 2023

What is PlayStation Plus?​ PlayStation Plus is the major video game console’s paid-for subscription service. It offers online multiplayer gaming, free monthly games, discounts on digital games in the PlayStation Store, and more. PlayStation Plus has recently undergone a transformation. The previous PlayStation Plus format (offering online multiplayer gaming, discounts, and free monthly games) has […]

Tastecard Subscription Guide 2023

What is Taste​card? Tastecard is a subscription service that gives you 50% off or 2 for 1 deals at thousands of restaurants across the UK. Over the last couple of years, they have added discounts across Cinemas, days out, coffee clubs, and exclusive member perks on Uk brands. What do you get with your Tastecard subscription?​ Tastecard […]

How to keep your money safe from Fraudsters

Fraudsters are getting increasingly inventive with the ways they steal credit card and personal information. Everybody has seen those phoney delivery text messages or dubious-looking websites that request personal or credit card information. Once they have your information, Fraudsters have been known to pose as banks. Once they have your trust, they may try to […]

ScribePay now supports International Subscriptions

Dear Scribers, Thank you for using choosing ScribePay to pay, control, and discover new subscriptions. Our premium users are saving on average £300 from unwanted subscriptions. Well, guess what? it just got better! You can now use ScribePay to pay, control, track any subscription in the WORLD!!!  That’s right… Any subscription in the world!!  So how does this work?  👀 […]

Control free trial subscriptions this Christmas

Most subscriptions have free trials. However, this Christmas season is when most subscriptions will be on a free trial or at a discounted price. Over 3 million people in the UK lose an average of £300 a year from unwanted subscriptions. The majority of these unwanted subscriptions occur through free trials-been lured into free trials […]

How to Contact ScribePay team

At ScribePay, we take pride in providing convenient and member-first features that allow you to easily manage your money and subscriptions. However, we understand that you may occasionally encounter problems and require assistance in navigating our services. That’s why our customer support team is always standing by to assist you. If you’ve never reached out […]

ITVX Streaming Service UK Review

In this article we cover what ITVX streaming service (UK) is, what you get, how much it costs and if it is worth it. What is ITVX? As the broadcaster strives to compete with streaming behemoths such as Netflix and Amazon in the digital age, the service replaces the ITV Hub brand as the online […]

Top 5 Food Subscription Boxes (UK)

With so many food subscription boxes in the UK with discounted trials, it’s hard not to at least try. However, free or discounted trials, while generous, have a catch. If you forget to cancel, you’ll be charged the full fee when it Auto-renews. Plus, sometimes, it can be difficult to cancel. A customer on Trustpilot […]

Use a Virtual Card for Free Subscription Trials

Start a Free Trial using ScribePay Virtual Card Without Disclosing Your Personal Banking Information. How often do you sign up for a free trial, enter your credit card information, and then forget about it? The next thing you know, you’ve been charged for a service you never used and have completely forgotten that you applied […]

The Problem with Subscriptions- and how ScribePay could help

In the current cost of living crisis where consumers need to make a decision between ‘heating or eating, many households are looking for ways to reduce their spending. For many people, subscriptions are the first payments to cancel and it’s not because they don’t find the service valuable, but managing recurring payments often is more […]