20 of the Best Streaming Exclusives of 2022

best streaming services 2022

As interest moves away from big-budget epics in Hollywood to more independent, lower-budget productions on platforms like Netflix, HBO Max, Shudder and others, streaming exclusives (programmes made exclusively for a production company) are generating some of the best reviews of modern times. The King ** #1 Best Streaming Exclusives 2022 ** Following the murder of […]

8 Tips for How to Handle a Recession

Responsible practises set you up for how to handle a recession for success even if there’s no recession, but in today’s climate they’re essential rather than preferential. Let’s first define what a recession actually is: A recession is a period of rising unemployment and declining commerce and industrial activity. Recessions usually last six or more […]

10 Energy-Saving Tips if You Live in the UK (2022)

energy saving tips uk 2022

Be more energy efficient in the UK with these energy-saving tips: they’ll save you heaps of money each year if you do it right. There are several strategies for saving energy in the UK in 2022 which we’re going to dive into with this post, and there’s almost nowhere better suited to take advantage of […]

Top 10 Online Games in 2022 (so far)

top 10 online games in 2022

In this post, we break down our picks for the top 10 online games in 2022. The popularity of internet gaming is unstoppable. Online games may be played in a variety of ways. However, the first thing you will consider is which online game to play. We’ll speak about the top 10 online games in […]

The Top 22 Shows of 2022 (so far)

top 22 shows of 2022 so far

Here’s what the ScribePay team have deemed the top shows of 2022 (so far). Leave us a message if you think we’ve missed anything out, and remember to subscribe using the ScribePay app to track, manage and pay for all your subscription services from one dashboard. Join others all over the UK saving up to […]

40+ Tips to Save Money Fast (UK)

how to save money fast in the uk

Whether you’re on a tight budget or have a specific savings goal, our selected list of money-saving suggestions is here to assist. Remember that this advice can only help you improve your financials within what you earn. Instead of focusing solely on saving, it will be arguably more important to also work on earning more […]

How to watch Peacock TV in the UK: A 2023 Review

In this article, we explain how to watch Peacock TV UK and why it’s something to keep on your radar. What is Peacock TV? Video streaming provider Peacock TV is owned by NBCUniversal, a Comcast subsidiary. The streaming service, dubbed “NBC” after the network’s iconic logo, debuted on 15th of July, 2020.  Series and movies […]

7 Smart Ways to Save Money on Streaming Services

7 smart ways to save money on streaming costs

Competition in the streaming service sector is fierce, but it’s getting more and more important to save money on streaming services as the need to subscribe rises with production companies moving more properties into this model, and as the cost-of-living crisis unfolds. Why it matters Well, in short… the economy. We’ve already entered into a […]

UK Subscription Services that are Lesser-Known (Aug 12, 2022)

uk subscription services lesser known aug 12 2022

Come and take a dive with us into some of the more interesting, lesser-known UK subscription services right now that you may not have seen before. The Top 3 UK Subscription Services from this list that we most enjoyed Birchbox We love a nice night out as much as the next person, but there’s something […]

Netflix Top 10 Shows August 9, 2022

Netflix Top 10 Shows August 9, 2022

Every week we publish a list of the Netflix top 10 shows. Catch up with the best of the platform by subscribing to our newsletter and getting the email every week. 1. The Sandman Genre: Fantasy, Comic Book The Sandman is a TV show based on the comic book series of the same name. It is a […]