Amazon Hikes Prime Subscription in the UK from September

Amazon Hikes subscription fee

Amazon is set to increase the price of Prime subscription from £7.99 to £8.99 a month- this is a 12.5% or £1 a month increase for all consumers in the UK.

The annual Prime subscription, which includes unlimited deliveries, access to its video streaming service and much more will increase by more than 20% or £16 to £95, although this remains a discount on the monthly option.

Amazon explained the rise in fees is a result of inflation and other operational costs such as delivery costs.

The rise in fees will be implemented when subscription is about to come up for renewal from the 15th of September. This is the first increase in their subscription since 2014. Option: you can opt for an annual subscription now and beat the increase.

Amazon Prime is not the only service that has increased as a result of inflation. In March, Netflix increased the cost of its basic plan from £5.99 to £6.99 a month. Disney+ has also increased its subscription by £2 a month from £5.99 to £7.99.

The real question- is Amazon Prime worth it despite the increase?

Is Amazon Prime worth it?​

Amazon Prime undoubtedly offers its members a lot of perks. But whether or not it’s worth it will depend on whether you use those perks.

If you only use Amazon for shopping, you’ll need to shop several times a month for the Prime subscription fee to cover the amount you’d have otherwise spent on shipping.

If you use Prime Video to watch films and Amazon Music Prime to listen to your favourite tunes, this could alone be worth the Prime subscription fee.

Prime Video doesn’t have the same number of quality shows as Netflix. And Amazon Music Prime doesn’t have the same number of songs as Spotify (or even Amazon Music Premium). But a single Prime subscription works out cheaper than having a Netflix and Spotify subscription. So it may be worth getting Prime if it’s the only video and music service you subscribe to.

Amazon Prime is generally considered fair value for money, but it really depends on how much you use the services that it provides. Check out our subscription guide on Amazon Prime

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